Bugatti Veyron built from LEGO blocks

It sounds far-fetched but it’s true. Just about everything in this world has been re-imagined with LEGO blocks. From national monuments to some of the world’s most exotic supercars, there seems to be no shortage of creative minds in this world that are capable of using LEGO as a tool in releasing their inner artist.

Speaking of supercars being built using LEGO blocks, these two Bugatti Veyron s are just about as close as anybody can get in creating a LEGO-inspired Veyron. The whole detail, from the car’s hood to the rear engine, is spectacularly precise and intricately constructed.

These two models gives new meaning to the term ‘building blocks’, proving that when it comes to LEGO, you can build just about anything you want.

Source: Jalopnik


lovely for sure young children will learn what’t the veyron looks like at the same time they are learning how to be creative and open minded.

incredible machine, no doubt about that. But personally I prefer Exige S Cup a bit more.

Now that’s unique and cool. But is this really for real? I mean theres so much risk on building this one. Don’t you think so?

this lego bugatti is really cool! The detailed parts and the color of the model is really amazing!

I wouldn’t really call it far-fetched as it is very possible. I have seen things like mini Eiffel Tower that is made from Lego but there are a lot of choking hazards that is why some of them that I saw are restricted for younger children.

well i bet this is a lego techniques, impressive details and precisely constructed Kudos to lego.

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