Bugatti Veyron replicas starting at under $25K

The details are still a little hazy about this one, but the video does clearly show a replica of a Bugatti Veyron . A company called Supercar Replicas are making these imitation Veyrons using a menu that starts with $23,500 for a C5 Corvette reskin to $50,000 for a 24-cylinder replica car. That’s right 24-cylinders. The company will mate two 12-cylinder BMW engines in series at the output shaft to create an engine with fifty percent more cylinders than a real Veyron.

There are still plenty of questions still left to answer. How many donor parts does the price include? Can two engines tied together at the output shaft be at all reliable? Is it safe, or will I die if I hit a Schwinn?

Then again, there is only one real question for thos interested in buying this car: how many women can I fool into thinking this is really a Veyron?

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