Bugatti Veyron Spider goes into production

Back in January there were rumors about a possible Spider version of the Bugatti Veyron. Now, according to AutoGespot, this is not a rumor anymore. The car will be produced and will be limited to 80 units. Compared to the 300 units of the Coupe version, this means the Spider will be more exclusive.

Source: AutoGespot

The Veyron Spider will not become a complete convertible like the F430 Spider or Gallardo Spider. It will be just a targa version of the Veyron, in the same way as the Porsche Carrera GT or Koenigsegg CCX.

But compared with its big brother, the Spider Veyron will have less impressive performance. The top speed will be limited to only 350 km/h (not that impressive if we compared with the 395 km/h of the Koenigsegg CCX).

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