Bugatti Veyron vs jet fighter

This is the most unbelievable test ever! The Veryon vs. the Eurofighter Typhoon jet. And of course the test was made by TopGear. And the result will be seen this Sunday!

Source: TopGear

When Jeremy raced Richard and James across Europe - him in a Veyron and the other two in a washing-machine-with-a- propellor-on-the-front - a few of the boys from the RAF got a bit upset that it wasn’t a fair fight.

They had a point, in fairness - the finest piece of automotive engineering in history versus a clattery Cessna 182 was only ever going to end one way.

So the RAF offered up their base for a proper race: a two-mile sprint between the Veyron and a jet fighter.

What happened at the tests you will see this Sunday at the show. Can’t wait!


lol that veyron is a true badass

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