Buick Planning Coupe, Convertible Regal?

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During a live webchat, Buick’s marketing chief Rover McCormack revealed some future plans for the company. It seems the automaker is looking into a coupe and a convertible model.

Buick has a big hit on their hands with the new 2011 Regal and it seems the company isn’t done with it just yet. McCormack said that a coupe version of the Regal was receiving “very strong consideration”, according to EgmCartech.

McCormack then went on to suggest that, “We [Buick] are always looking for ways to excite our customers…I think a convertible would do just that.”

If that’s not a sure thing, we don’t know what is. While nothing was officially announced, McCormack’s words were all that we needed to hear.

McCormack also mentioned a wagon variant of the Regal, to finish out the model line. We have seen a few spy photographs of the Regal wagon on the roads.

We look forward to these new models and we hope that they look as good as the four-door Regal.



It looks so cool and decent on that design. I also notice that the design on its side rims only adds more appeal for this one. I’m just curious on its interior touch.

Well I’m really excited with the convertible version of this Buick, but looking for the picture that they release for TopSpeed is quite impressive for me.

That Riv concept is one of the best looking concept cars in recent memory. GM would be very smart to put it into production based on the upcoming ATS/next-gen Camaro platform.

Ouch! A convertible coupe?, and with Regal. I think it wouldn’t be so nice, specially when it hits the market.

we all know this is an Opel not a Buick so good job OPEL. Looks awesome!

Ya, that would a be a great way to excite the customer. I mean convertible’s is now being a trend.

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