Bumblebee Smashes Into Real Cop Car On Transformers Set

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Sometimes things just happen. Like blowing out a tire on the last lap in Monte Carlo or slamming into the side of a real cop car on a movie set, these are things that just plain stink. The latter of those two just recently occurred on the set of Transformers 3, as the Chevrolet Camaro , nicknamed Bumblebee, smashed into the side of a real police cruiser in Washington D.C.

Apparently, a police vehicle was responding to a call and cut across the set while the cameras were rolling. The yellow Chevy collided with the police SUV, sending the officer to the hospital. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured.

This wasn’t the only event to happen on the set of this film. Earlier this year Gabriela Cedillo had to be rushed to the hospital after the car she was driving was hit with a cable that had snapped off of a camera vehicle. The cable broke through the windshield and hit the driver in the head. Cedillo underwent surgery and her condition is improving.

Hit the jump to see two more videos of Bumblebee mistaking a real cop car for a Decepticon.

Source: Fox Boston


ahaha! The Driver of that Camaro really do not estimate the better distance for that police car. I wonder if Bumblebee just did it.

Wait, so how come both cars didn’t explode into a nuclear sized fireball when they collided? This a Michael Bay set after all, even if it was an accident. Things explode in fireballs if he just looks at something funny.

Bumblebee mistook the Suburban copper as Barricade...

"The two cars collided and the police officer driving the SUV was taken to a nearby hospital, but it appears there are no serious injuries"

Now they just have to work it into the movie...

Thank god the Camaro was leading the 458 and not the other way around.

The Officer went to the hospital for that? The crash was way worse for the Camaro/Camaro Driver.

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