Cabbie makes round-trip drive to pick up passengers in Barcelona and back to the UK

The volcanic ash that put a stranglehold on the airline industry in Europe caught a lot of vacationers and travellers off-guard. However, while some chose to just sit and wait out the whole situation, others decided that sitting and waiting for the ash cloud to clear wasn’t something worth waiting for.

A family of vacationers in Barcelona, Spain were one of thousands that were stranded because of this perilous situation. Determined to make it back to the UK as soon as possible, they decided to hail a cab from the UK to come pick them up in Barcelona. True story!

The cab’s owner, Garry Smith, took his son and hopped in their Hyundai i800 van and made the 2,500-mile trip that lasted the better part of two days. "We got the call at 9:30am on Tuesday and were on the road within an hour to collect four people," Smith recalls. "I took my son Ben so we could share the driving and booked the Eurotunnel crossing on route. When the passengers heard what car we were in they asked if we could take six people which, because of the car, we were happy to do."

The whole voyage ended up costing the vacationing family a staggering £4,600.50 - $7,050! - in cab charges, but Smith, in an act befitting of sainthood - ok, not really - decided to only charge the stranded folks £1,850 - US$2,830 - for the whole trip. According to Smith, he decided to reduce the price because, in his own words, "it wouldn’t really be fair to charge them the meter rate."


Source: Hyundai


That was a long trip though. But I’m glad that they are all fine...smiley

yeah, I salute that cab driver that in the times of crisis he choose to be generous and he doesn’t take advantage of the situation.

That was so generous for him to do that. I think if other driver was in that situation I bet they will ask for $7k.

I think TopSpeed should put this article in the newspaper as a HEADLINE. I can’t understand why does this news was put in the car section.

This should be decided by the market. If every cab that has this technology could advertise and patrons that would like this added convince could choose to only ride in equipped cars.

The issue is the fact that the Taxi and Limousine Commission is mandating this technology, but is forcing the cab owners to pay for it. Personally I like this technology. And I think the Taxi Workers Alliance are misjudging their power.

The eight seater MPV picked up six passengers and their luggage and drove them all the way back to the UK.

I can’t believe that the hyundai i800 can take that kind of travel, pretty amazing for a korean car isn’t it?

That’s a big relief from the vacationist. Good thing that the cabbie driver has a good heart and his i800 is capable of such distance to travel. Amazing performance by the i800.

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