Cadillac confirmed Lambda-based Crossover

It’s not the first time we hear about a 7-passenger crossover, but this time it’s decidedly official. Cadillac has confirmed a large crossover based on the GM’s Lambda platform architecture. This was the same platform used for the Buick Enclave , Chevrolet Traverse , and GMC Acadia .

In a recent interview Karl Stracke, the automaker’s vice president of global engineering, said that a Lambda-based Cadillac crossover is absolutely a go.

And while we have a confirmation on the reveal, the rest is simple speculation. The exterior design will be inspired by the Cadillac XTS Platinum concept unveiled this year in Detroit. The exterior will see vertical headlamps and taillights packed with LEDs and integrated light pipes along with long, flowing body lines as seen in the concept. Under the hood there will be a direct-injected 3.6-liter V6 with turbocharging.

Source: Inside Line


Yeah Cadillac would be one of my favorite luxury car! The design is great though its less powerful but its a reliable car I would say.

As expected from Cadillac it has an elegant look and awesome detailing. I bet the interior would be a big winner though the engine is kinda disappointing. I was expecting that they have used the v8 instead.

What a massive grille and cool headlight this luxury car is carrying.

Well, Cadillac is definitely going ahead with a 7-seat crossover vehicle.I hope that this crossover has a nice and luxurious interior style so that everybody will be more interested.

It’s head lamps does not that appealing. Smoke lens is way better than blue lens.

I hope it doesn’t have the same problem as the SRX crossover.

what’s the use of denying it? cadillac vehicles are one of the best so there is no need of covering it up. unless they wanted to surprise the
consumers of course.

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