Cadillac CTS-V did the Nurburgring in 7:59

In testing this morning at Germany’s Nurburgring, Cadillac’s upcoming new 2009 CTS-V completed a lap of the legendary Nordschleife in 7:59.32. This blistering time appears to be the fastest ever publicly documented for a production sedan.

Cadillac is nearing the completion of testing of the highly anticipated CTS-V, the limited-edition high-performance model based on the award-winning CTS sport sedan. John Heinricy, GM Performance Division executive and an acclaimed racing driver, piloted the CTS-V through its sub-8 minute lap today. The car itself was equipped exactly as planned for consumer production, which is scheduled to begin this fall.

Estimated at 550-hp, the CTS-V is at the moment going through the final stages of intensive testing and development. One of the realistic objectives of the Cadillac team is to make the CTS-V the world’s fastest production sedan, as a part of the overall goal to make the V-Series Cadillac’s ultimate expression of performance and technology. More updates will be released in the coming weeks as testing is finalized, including the car’s certified SAE power ratings, acceleration specifications and U.S.-market pricing.

Video documentation of the car’s breakthrough Nordschleife performance will be posted online in the coming days at The eight-minute mark has long been recognized as a major Nurburgring milestone, reserved for race cars and the fastest exotic sports cars. While there’s no single official repository for Nurburgring data from private test sessions, numerous reputable websites and publications report lap times from race teams, automakers and independent sources.

The new 2009 CTS-V includes a suite of advanced performance technologies, including a new version of Cadillac’s acclaimed Magnetic Ride Control suspension and a LSA 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine. For the first time, CTS-V will include the choice of 6-speed manual or automatic transmissions, with the new automatic sporting steering wheel-mounted shift buttons.


yea i agree... i love the grill on this thing...

i looks mean i think some other cars need to adopt that gunmetal grey mesh

You have to give this car some credit though. It looks better than most of the other American cars.

Yo! timdog! sorry to dissapoint you mate but it seems the CTS-V did do this time, but I don’t really consider that impressive since it has 550hp and the magnetic ride suspension.

And I said that the V Spec will do 18 seconds faster, not the standard model. What you have to remember here is that the V Spec will have 540hp and 150kg less weight. What you also have to remember here is that Japanese 75hp equals 100hp of American or German engineering in terms of performance, like it or not. Iam not saying it will do the 18 but I’ll give it 10 seconds and hope for more.

to’s not true about the cadilac cts-v! cos american carmakers dont know anything about giving a car great handling unlike the europeans, all they know is giving cars more muscle and thats it.
AK47 is right though, the GTR did it in 7:29 and still has plans to lower that. but 18 seconds is too much, it’ll never happen. 5 or 6 seconds maybe.

Rod, the GT-R did 7.29 seconds while some of the engineers are waiting for better conditions because they think the GT-R can do it faster. The VSpec will supposedly do 18seconds faster and even then, it will it have 10 less hp.

But why are you comparing the timing of a luxury sedan with that of performance car?

And yes, if true, this car did do a good job.

7:59 at the ’ring? bull ! 12:59 maybe..cadillac’s are the tiest, ugliest, and most overrated car of all. dream of becoming the fastest sedan my ass! just keep dreaming! you ain’t gonna beat the M5 no matter what you’re crappy engine will long cadillac losers!

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