Cadillac One stops in its tracks

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With the President and First Lady as its passengers, the Presidential limousine – a Cadillac – stopped dead in traffic as the President visited Rome and the Vatican on Saturday.
Though it takes a while, it’s worth watching the video:

Courtesy of You Tube, you can see it here.

The White House has released a statement acknowledging that the limousine “stalled” in traffic during the trip, portraying it a temporary glitch and stating that the President and First Lady continued the trip in the same vehicle. However, the video shows another limousine backing up and appears to show the President and First Lady getting into the back up limo – also a Cadillac.

Reminds me of the time the Concours stalled in rush hour on the Kennedy in Chicago.
Wonder if the President was having fuel pump trouble, too.


I’ve seen several driving around already.

So are there any recent updates on what will be powering the new CTS-V?

haha that was funny, its a cadillac! why in the world would it stall?!?

great !Cadillac need help !

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