Cadillac Provoq might enter production

General Motors is trying to beat the Japanese automaker to market with the first zero-emission luxury car. The Provoq Concept was designed to run as far as 300 miles on a single fill-up — 280 miles from hydrogen and 20 miles on the battery.

Executives said the Cadillac Provoq fuel cell concept vehicle showed that GM is serious about challenging Toyota and its Lexus luxury brand for sales to the growing number of wealthy buyers looking to make an environmental statement on the road.

"We think we’ll be able to take back some of the ground that Toyota owns today," said Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor, part of a team of GM executives who unveiled the Provoq concept outside of the established circuit of auto trade shows.

Taylor said Cadillac had suffered in competition with Lexus in California and other markets because of Toyota Toyota ’s lead in developing fuel-saving hybrid variants and in becoming recognized as the environmentally sensitive choice.

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