Cadillac Provoq will replace SRX starting 2009

General Motors already announced that the Provoq Concept will enter production. It will come to replace the mid-sized SRX starting 2009. The production version will be powered by a V-6 gasoline engine. Provoq wants to draw young female buyers who like crossovers more than SUVs and wagons.

"The Provoq has got to hit 60,000 or 70,000 units in sales, not the 20,000 we’re hitting with the SRX," said Jim Taylor, Cadillac’s general manager.

The SRX "landed in that territory where it might be a crossover, but it might be a wagon, too," Taylor said. "That lack of clarity made it miss the sweet spot. The Provoq proportions and styling make it much more apparent that it is a crossover."

The five-seat Provoq draws styling cues from the 2008 CTS sedan, including the bold grille and glitzy headlight modules.

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