Cadillac releases online configurator for the CTS-V Coupe

For most of us, the act of actually buying a car, or maybe even leasing it, is something that happens about once very few years. But even if the intention of being a little frugal surfaces on a lot of occasions, it still doesn’t mean that we can’t spend our time dreaming of the next car purchase that’s on our list. That’s precisely why online configurators have become popular these days.

The latest manufacturer to present a new configurator is Cadillac with the new CTS-V Coupe . Already headed to dealerships, Cadillac has given prospective customers even more incentive to consider purchasing Cadillac’s new high-powered coupe.

The CTS-V Coupe may not be getting a lot of publicity recently, but there’s certainly something about this car that oozes confidence and has a charismatic nature that makes it a definite eye-catcher. And even if you’re still on the fence with this car, the new online configurator may be the only thing you need to make a believer out of you.

Source: Cadillac


I believe I predicted the exact results, OK not the times just the placement, last

they should use the coupe body to make a convertible. keep the v with the sedan.

I think it’s hilarious people still keep trying to pull the "my favorite company underrates their engines" stuff. That only works if other companies don’t also. And GM just got done saying this engine was underrated in the Camaro, that it made more than 312HP, not the 302 rated.

Isn’t BMWs competitor to the CTS-V coupe the M6? As in the hot version of the coupe version of the midsize luxury segment? In which
case it starts at 102k.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen one on the road yet. Probably in the next month, I guess...

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