Cadillac to present C-Class competitor by the end of the year

It was back in 2008 when we reported Cadillac is preparing a four-door competitor for models like Infiniti G37 and Mercedes C-Class. The car is supposed to be called ATS and will be revealed, in concept form, by the end of the year. It is still unclear if will be in October in Paris or December in Los Angeles.

According to an Inside Line source: "We’re finalizing the four-door showcar of the ATS first. Then we’ll follow quickly after with a wagon, a coupe and a convertible."

The ATS will replace the BLS on the European market and in the USA will be placed below the CTS. It will be built on the "Alpha" platform and will feature a rear-wheel drive system.

Source: Inside Line


Well of course, Cadillac can make a good looking four-door version for this car! And I have fate that they can do it.

hmm. I think it would be difficult to convert this car into four door for it will makes the car wider and its going to ruined the sleek figure of this car.

Wow totally impressive. I like it. The exterior part looks very awesome.

@michelle6r : for me this two-door style is good enough, they should change the interior of the car so that 4 people can ride to the car.

nice looking car they have there. Imo it can compete with BMW’s M3 , or Lamborghini.

well this is the most beautiful and aggressive car on it’s class, IMO it’s better for it to be like this, making it convertible or a wagon will just ruine it’s design, and purpose.

It is by so far the sharpest looking coupe, even better than the BMW M3.

I hope they would release it in Los Angeles in December. The coupe would definitely become one of the most sought after coupe there is.

I think that coupe would look better than a four-dour series. It’s more ragged and sharp looking.

well comparing it to Infiniti G37 and Mercedes C-Class, cadi is way better looking than both cars. I hope they put it into production.

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