Can the NSX rise from the grave?

2010 Acura NSX will be priced around $160,000

Honda is an efficient company. It likes to get the most out of its investments, and that’s what kept us hopeful when we first heard the news of the cancelation of the Acura NSX . Dick Colliver, executive VP for American Honda Motor Co., recently helped emphasize our hopes. According to him the NSX could be revived at any time, and even more "development is mostly done." We already knew this but its good to know that people inside Honda are ready to dust off the NSX project when the world’s economy recovers.

But Colliver isn’t completely convinced NSX-like luxury/performance is needed to make Acura a Tier 1 luxury brand - the area of rare air that is currently occupied by the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, etc. Colliver told Automotive News, "Being a premium luxury brand is not just about product. It’s the way dealers handle customers. You’ve got to earn your way into the segment. You don’t necessarily have to have a $90,000 sedan to get there."

What is even worse is that if Honda does finally come around and bring the NSX back from the dead, will new regulations make its 550+ hp V10 illegal?


Oh no, not again. Seeing this kind of street version made me sick. I cannot figure it out how these people worked together to come out with this scrap. Whew, I’ve read it was cancelled and the team was also disbanded. Ouch for the budget!

Of course it can. Even a shelby can rise from the grave.

I can’t believe it, they are ready to dust off the project after it has been finished. Yes for sure they will change the name of NSX.

I bet it will but for sure they will replace it with a different name. Plus it will outperform the old NSX, but unfortunately the successor of the NXS was already beaten by the GT-R, that’s how mad the GT-R is.

Well it looks like the hyundai genesis coupe ain’t it? but i guess this is way better than the genesis because it was made by honda.

Honda spent the cash for development, so we should see something from this program.

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