Can this be the Chevrolet Cruze SS?

As every Chevy should, the new Cruze compact will also be available with a factory tuned high performance Super Sport package. Form the looks of things, it seems that Chevrolet of Singapore will be the first ones to offer a Cruze SS, styled along the lines of the special edition Cruze Bumblebee from the German tuning firm Irmscher with a more aggressive bumper package, a set of new rollers wrapped in sticky Falken rubber as well as reportedly illuminated skuff plates. Oh, and don’t forget the obligatory racing stripes, all for an additional $3,500 over the price of a standard Chevrolet Cruze.


his car looks so aggressive especially the front bumper. It looks fast with the racing stripes, but even without it the car still looks great. What do you think?

@CollinGronholmn - well i agree with you, racing stripes are very attractive specially to muscle cars. though the cruze SS is a factory sports tuned still a racing stripes with a tuner car is not that attractive, so it i’m going to buy a cruze SS i also need to pay $3,500.00 for the stripes? what if I don’t want a stripe can i still buy it?

Obligatory racing stripes? I rather not have it if it’s ok. I don’t think that it really fits the design of the car. Maybe after a few tuning and customization should the racing stripes be included.

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