Candy Run

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The mini one night version of Candy Run will follow up to 100 Supercars through the Streets and Tunnels of London. Along the route will be 20 Candy Girls hitching for rides. The Candy Tunnel Run will finish at a famous London Gentlemen’s Club where there is secure parking and FREE entry into the Club. Inside we are placing £1000 in cash into a locked safe and one lucky person will win this £1’000.

The Candy Tunnel Runners who have private dances with the club’s girls will be given a Candy Run Card. Each card will carry a set of 6 digit numbers, but only one card will have the correct 6 digit combination that opens the safe containing the cash. The person who unlocks the safe wins the £1000.


I can’t define what/who is sexy, the car or the candy girl.

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