Car Infographics: Formula One Broken Down By Numbers

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Many people are only interested - or privy to - the end result of many different things. For example, no one really cares how the cake is made as long as it tastes delicious. The same can be said for Formula One . As fans, we root for our favorite team or driver and hope that they come across that finish line first. Most of the time, we don’t know how they got there or how much it costs to get there.

Our latest installment of ourCar Infographics series cracks that mystery right open with a breakdown of Formula One vehicles by numbers. For example, we discovered the engine of a F1 vehicle costs around $214,300 while the monocoque comes in at around $117,900. The tires may only cost $650 per set, but then you have to take into account how many sets the vehicle will go through in its lifetime (it’s about $291,200 worth if you’re wondering). Add the one time purchases to the accruing costs and estimates come in at about $6,868,000 for the lifetime of the F1 car. That’s definitely not chump change in our books.

This infographic also sheds some light on the performance numbers of a typical Formula One car. For example, a typical F1 vehicle can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 1.7 seconds and continue on to 124 mph in just 3.8 seconds. The sprint from 0-186 mph can be achieved in 8.6 seconds. That is all done with a 2.4L V8 maximum engine size.

Check out the rest of the infographic to get a more detailed breakdown of Formula One and remember to check back with us for our next installment in the Car Infographics series.

Source: NetCars


If you are a car company, I’m pretty sure that you have a lot of pennies. Not joining this competition does not mean you don’t have the money. There many reasons like, no available racing prototype or they just think that it is a waste of time.

If not mistaken there are only few team that join in the F1 race. Well, I guess the budget is the big thing to consider. I bet only luxurious car company can join the said event. I think the sponsor stickers really help for these cars! 

Dang! The figure that was shown here was quite shocking! I never know that each team in the F1 race has a budget of almost million dollars in each F1 car! I guess this is the reason why not all the car manufacturer joins this luxurious race! 

The Formula one technology is really an impressive one. That is the main reason why they are now the topic in our society. Most of the time, the formula one team wins a race because of the materials they are using.

This one has clearly expressed that Formula one has really became the hottest sensation in the car industry. And I am surprised with the number (its price too) of the formula one cars.

It’s a good thing to know and understand how F1 cars are made and especially what’s the pros and cons of using it. Schumachers Benetton is indeed a one of a kind.

Pretty need infographic that you have here. I am really interested in F1, and I’m delighted that you were able to make everything easier for me to understand here. Thanks a lot.

With the price of each formula one vehicle, I could actually buy an Aventador with that price and a lot of sportscar with its estimated lifetime costs. This is a pretty huge investment.

Wow $ 7M! That’s huge amount of money! I never knew that the Formula One team invest such huge moolah to their cars. Well, I guess that’s the reason why each team have a lot of sponsors!

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