Carbon Motors E7 - cops only

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In a time when big cars seem to be out of fashion, it seems one company is looking to begin making its own large sedan for a very exclusive list of clients. How exclusive? Unless your name is Uncle Sam, you can’t get one.

Carbon Motors E7 - cops only

Carbon Motors is introducing a model called the E7 that will be sold exclusively to law enforcement agencies. Althoughthis concept has been around for about a year , it looks like the car is getting closer to production. While the company is still looking for investors, a prototype will begin touring the country later this month.

Part of why Carbon Motors wants to start this program is so they can buy back the cars and recycle them. “Today the criminal element is buying these cars because they still look like police cars,” said William Santana Li, CEO of Carbon Motors Corp. By taking them back, Carbon will have better control of where police and government agency cars end their life.

Although Carbon Motors will likely be taking sales away from the Detroit manufactures, Carbon says it has a good relationship with the auto manufacturers and will likely rely on them for engines. Carbon claims that the volume for these cars are about 10,000 to 80,000 per year, and that some of the major manufactures are happy to have Carbon focus on the lower-profit niche market of law enforcement vehicles. If all goes right, the E7 should be on the streets and bustin’ heads by 2012.


Too late Carbon Motors, the Taurus is red hot.

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