Caterham launches U.S. site

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Caterham , the company that has been perpetuating the Lotus 7, has just started a website specifically for the U.S. market. Now that we know the ultra-fast, ultra-light LS Levante has sold out , it seems in past the North American market has been missing out on some more innovations for the roller skate-like car. By the company’s own admission, “The U.S. have had to settle for the outdated Ford Ford X-Flow and more recently Ford Zetec engines, while the U.K. market received exciting new products. With the release of the Ford Duratec packages developed in house by Caterham Power Train (CPT), the U.S. market now has access to all the latest Caterham engine options.”

This may be a genius idea. With an economy that is starting to slowdown, all those former mortgage lenders are no longer able to afford a Porsche. But why downsize the performance when you can just downsize the car? Plus the Caterham Caterham build-it-yourself car is perfect for the former Wall Street jockey who has all of a sudden found he’s got a lot more time on his hands.

Source: Caterham USA


This is exactly what a British sports car is supposed to be, spartan: no windows, no doors - all fun.

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