Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 by Lingenfelter goes up to more than 200 mph

A standard Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 can hit a top speed of "only" 184 mph. But the package recently announced by Lingenfelter has managed the impossible: at a recent test drive at the Continental Tire’s Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas on April 30th their car hit a top speed of 202.67 mph. However, it took another two tries before scoring this impressive result, but the car "only" managed to hit 199.8 and 199.9 mph respectively. Behind the wheel was Hot Rod boss David Freiburger.

This impressive Camaro ZL1 has been equipped with a GT9 camshaft, CNC ported cylinder heads, an increased supercharger speeds, custom air intake with LPE’s race mesh filter, Continental ExtremeContact(tm) DW tires and production ZL1 wheels. But the most impressive thing is the car’s output: a total of 720 HP and 650 lbs. ft. of torque at the rear wheels!

We have to remind you that the same car scored an impressive quarter-mile time just a few weeks ago: 11.03 seconds at 130 mph.

So we guess its your move Mustang GT500!

Source: HotRod


I may sound greedy again but I want it to achieve a faster run.

Ha ha though I’m a fan of Camaro, I still believe it’s not the best so don’t you dare the Mustang guys.

I’m still not satisfied; Chevrolet can get better than this.

Are they sure that the ZL1 will be able to reach a maximum speed of more than 200MPH?

I bet this has boosted Chevy’s ego further as well.

Camaro is one of the Chevrolet’s pride and having upgrades is one of the good news in the automotive world.

I have already known its result because the original power was already excellent.

I’d be surprised if it surpasses more than that. What Lingenfelter has done can be tuned better by other companies.

I don’t think I should be impressed as much. The increase didn’t even exceed a hundred.

With the amount of horsepower it can produce, I’m not even doubting its speed capacity anymore.

I’ll state the fact that it isn’t such a big deal. For its built, don’t you think it should be even higher than that?

This need more tuning. Regarding its speed, I think it’s not suitable for the hunger-speed humans.

I don’t get what’s so amazing about that fact. I think it should even be higher than that.

This isn’t as impressive to me; I remember how I mocked this Mini car mentally, but then I thought otherwise immediately when I’ve found out that its maximum speed exceeds 200mph. It’s even almost mid-sized unlike Camaro ZL1 so I’m truly surprised.

I didn’t know that its standard version’s maximum speed is already 180mph. Don’t you think it’s kind of low?

If it isn’t Chevy, I’d be already satisfied with something beyond 200MPH. However, I think I’ve had lots of expectations, so I’m sort of disappointed that this isn’t as fast as I assumed based on the ponies it can produce.

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