Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is back in action after short delays in production

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Problem solved! Just one week after the production of the new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 was put on hold, Chevrolet has announced that the hold has been lifted and the problem has been solved.

Initially, the Camaro ZL1 had to be recalled due to some potential issues that were not provided to the public. The company stopped the production and deliveries of the muscle car and even asked the one person who had taken delivery of their ride to bring it back. Chevy’s thought on the matter was that it was better to prevent than to heal, so they decided that all of the vehicle should go back to the production plant to have the problem solved. They were even able to do it under their timeline of a few weeks by only taking one week to resolve the issue. Way to go, Chevrolet!

MotorAuthority says they received an email from Chevrolet that stated that the customers had been informed that "their cars will arrive at dealerships within two to three weeks. For customers whose cars are still being built, production has resumed and estimated delivery times are being developed."

The other customers who had already placed their orders but whose cars had not been sent to production yet will have to wait another two weeks before Chevrolet determines the remaining ZL1 models’ allocation and timing.


Good to have them back on action. I think it’s great news after a week of unclear reason why they stopped the distribution of Camaro, but what’s important right now is that they have resolve the technical problem.

I must say they are good at their strategic plan. The one week is fast enough to resolve whatever issue/problem they have. I’m glad that the Camaro is finally out and available again.

Here we go again for the delays. What’s wrong with them?

I’ll just celebrate the fact that at least, Chevrolet has gotten out of this one. I hope its sales won’t get affected.

I’m now skeptical about it. I don’t know whether it has defects or not. After all, it’s not the first time that a famous company produces a faulty innovation.

At least they’re back, right? It would be more catastrophic if the production doesn’t happen at all.

I hope they would just stop on speculating what has happened. What matters is it’s fixed now.

Wow, this was really controversial, isn’t it?

You do realize that not all secrets can be revealed, right? For now, just trust Chevrolet. You aren’t even affected by the matter.

Perhaps we’ll have to do a double-check on Camaro now. This is the cause of all the latest commotion about Chevrolet.

I hope Chevrolet knows that all this secrecy is testing their credibility. If they aren’t at fault, then they should openly state the situation.

Why are they trying to hide it from the public anyway?

The issue’s quite clear already, based on our own assumptions. We just have to know the reasons for the delayed and postponed deliveries.

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