Chevrolet Corvette crashes into Infiniti G35

This is what driving while intoxicated does to you and for the most part, you probably won’t be as fortunate as this blubbering moron.

After having one too many cold ones, the driver of this Chevrolet Corvette was traveling at speeds of over 150 mph when he suddenly swerved across the road, hitting an Infiniti G35 in the process before taking a dive into the Boisa Chica Wetlands.

Both the Corvette and the G35 ended up taking a dive in the swamp but fortunately, the drivers managed to escape the accident without any major injuries. Despite having all his limbs virtually intact, the driver of the Corvette, 52-year old Melvin Brown, won’t be as lucky escaping the strong
arm of the law as he was charged with driving under the influence.

People always remind us that drinking under the influence is never a good idea, yet somehow people still seem to abide by their own rules. It’s too bad that accidents like this need to happen before some people begin smarting up.

Source: OC Register


That is sad, well, not the cars crashing (but it is also sad) but the fact that there are some loose irresponsible drivers out there who thinks that they can drink and drive and just be ok. Luckily the drivers are ok but I think that he is going to face a pretty good and well deserve punishment. Let him pay for damages for both cars and take away his license and give him a huge fine and community service for drunk driving.

Drivers like him should be stripped off his license. Drunk driving can really be dangerous and at unfortunate times, innocent victim’s lives can be taking away. That is something that cannot be repaid like a car being repaired in a shop. Its something that money cannot replace. Driving is always a responsibility for one’s safety including the passengers, the other motorists and the pedestrians.

Not only is that NOT a ZR1 (wheels, hood). that’s a G37 not G35! isn’t this a car enthusiast site?

well ZR1 has no match with g35, it’s chassis is tough and it’s frame has a thicker sheet of metals, for sure ZR1 will get a serious damage here.

52-year old Melvin Brown....Man that just soulds like someone that would do that. Dud he just pulled a Melvin Brown!

Take a closer look. It’s not a ZR1. You can see what a real ZR1 looks like at CorvetteActionCenter . com:

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