Chevrolet Cruze by Irmscher

The Chevrolet Cruze is a car that was created for everyday use, so sportiness is a word that doesn’t define it. Fortunately for Cruze owners, the German tuner, Irmscher, revealed a tuning package for the sedan this past weekend.

The tuner started with a few changes under the hood. Thanks to a new suspension and new exhaust silencers with elliptical twin exits, the 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine develops a total of 186HP and 466Nm at 2,300 rpm compared to the 113-141hp produced by the standard Chevy Cruze.

The package also includes: an optional boot lid spoiler, 18" alloy wheels with 225 sport tires and aluminum door sills.

This tuning package makes a lot more sense than the Chevrolet Cruze Bumblebee by Irmscher that was created about nine months ago. Turning a Chevrolet Camaro into a Chevrolet Cruze, really? We think Irmscher should stick to beefing the Cruze up like they did here.

Source: Carscoop


only 186HP? i guess this is the Lowest HP ever created by irmcher. but the custom body kits looks nice. looks better than the ford Focus RS.

Gorgeous and aggressive! I must admit that it looks better than the mitsubishi lancer.

I wish GM was smart enough to sell a cruze that looks like (in N/A) that with a good diesel and a high hp 1.4. Then this car would sell like hot cakes.

Well Ford RS has more HP than this. I bet it cannot outrun the Ford RS.

Well I doubt, with that number of horses it can out perform - the Civic and ford Focus.

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