Chevrolet Drops Corvette C7 Teaser 4 Called "Creation"

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With nearly every detail, including extensive 3-D images of the final design, being leaked and featured, we have nothing to do but wait for the C7 Corvette’s official launch on January 13 at the NAIAS. Until that time, sit back and drool over this new teaser of the C7 that Chevrolet has posted online.

Dubbed "Creation,” this teaser focuses on the creation and assembly of the highly anticipated sports car. It shows the lighter, yet stronger, chassis, floor pan, and the marriage of the LT1 6.2-liter small block V-8 engine and transmission assembly into the chassis, a sight to behold...

With Chevrolet gunning for the top spot in performance, precision is a must throughout its build, an aspect Chevrolet is really proud of in the new `Vette.

We can’t wait for its official launch, which marks the dawn of a new era in American Performance. A car that sends chills down the spines of its European rivals and maybe even blow them out of the water (at least that’s what Chevrolet claims).


Never to imagine that, this car seems to ve more suitable for men, when thinking about its design, that’s my oppinion , at least

When you call such a car: ’’vette’, I can only see a woman driving it,smiley)

Only UFOs would ever be better than this cars, and I’m not sure that their design would surclass these ones!

John, probably the next period will bring those flying cars that a few decades ago were considered to be the years 200s future cars!

Seeing all those new, shiny, powerful cars that appear day by day, I cannot stop wondering what the future next five years will bring to us?

I’m sure that this car will definitely make it’s european rivals shiver in front of it.Bright one!

This video is quite close about the idea of the creation of the world, from the way it is thought .Great!

Does anybody have any idea who is the guy who made this video montage? It’s amazing, and very suggestive

It definitely is a Creation car.. Bright design , one of the most beautiful coupes I have ever seen in my life

Castle, I think that they will let us know the price of it when they will actually release this car..which menas 2014 ?

Can anybody tell me something about the price of this car?
I’m really interested in it

Wohoo!I love the smooth-petroleum one the most!Although, a more rich photo gallery would be better.
And the video mesmerized me..

Such a beauty!
Maybe some more technical details would help us appreciate it at it’s true value..

This is the best car I’ve seen by now, this year!
The release will take place in 2014?
Can’t wait!!

This video gave me goosebumps!It’s incredibly artistic and!

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