Chevy Volt to go Opel, then Chevy again

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General Motors is looking to be bringing the Volt to Europe by late 2011. This is earlier than initially reported. GM needs to spread out as much of the high-cost of development and production of the gas/electric hybrid as possible, so multiple outlets are being considered. Opel Opel is working on its own plug-in hybrid vehicles, and the Volt is expected to join that lineup. But once Opel has a strong electric presence, it is rumored that the Volt will be changed to be sold as a Chevrolet.

Chevrolet is not a name necessarily associated with quality in Europe. Most of the Chevy products there are just know for their inexpensive price because offerings are just re-badged Daewoo Daewoo s. The Corvette is sold over there, but not as a Chevy. Instead the sports car is presented as its own brand sold out of Cadillac dealerships. So if the Volt eventually switches to the Chevrolet name, it may give the company a much-needed image boost.

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