Chief Designer Wants Mazda RX-7 Revival

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Next generation Mazda RX-7 to debut in 2011

Chief Designer for Mazda, Ikuo Maeda has some feelings about the revival of the RX-7.

"I do have a strong yearning to revive the RX-7 during my tenure," Maeda said. "But in order for that to happen, we need the U.S. economy to come back, first and foremost."

Well, gee, thanks Maeda. We’re glad to know that you are thinking of our well-being. Oh wait, probably not. Well at least we might get the opportunity to see a revival of the RX-7 featuring a 16X rotary engine in the near future. But don’t expect a high-powered sports car. Mazda is still experimenting with forced induction so we probably won’t see that in the first batch of this much anticipated comeback. Sources say that the new RX-7 will be an affordable, user-friendly sports car with a reasonable price tag of $30,000USD.


Well with its aggressive looks and design for sure it will sell well on market.

It appears that Mazda is not getting into a unique thing concept the model you present is just like a Porsche Spyder.

Smooth and sexy body trims, i hope it performs as i looks, and better than the previous RX-7.

The RX-7 looks great as it is and it is still one of the cars that I would love to see tuned. The image of the concept of the new RX-7 look seems different and I don’t see any resemblance from the past RX-7 but if the performance is as good or better than the experience of the old one, then I guess it would be alright. I just can’t picture on how this car will look tuned though.

Lovely if this would be the new face lift of Rx-7 with a tag price of $30,000.00 i wont hesitate to have one.

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