China takes a crack at replicating a Ferrari Enzo

In a country where replicas are the standard way of life, you’d have to believe that the Chinese have already perfected the inexact science of taking the cloning of manufactured goods to new heights.

The Chinese are so good at this craft that no industry is safe from their experimenting hands. Naturally, that includes the auto industry where the Chinese have made replicas of Japanese and European cars and have done quite an impressive job with it – at least for the most part.

We say most part because despite their impressive hit rate, the Chinese have also had their fare share of misses, none of which was more brutal than their attempt at replicating a Ferrari Enzo .

For comparison purposes, were including a photo of a computer-generated image of what these guys were trying to go for. In the end, however, it seems fair to say that their version is a far cry from the original. To be completely honest, we have to warn all those Ferrari aficionados to get your stomachs ready before you see their version. To say that they bastardized it just might be the understatement of the century.

But hey, at least they got the doors right.

Source: Carscoop


with their resources, money and technology, everything can be made in China lol

Too heavy to be an Enzo-replica... it’s probably made of lead. It looks it, anyway.

to me it looks like a corvette with lambo intakes but over all very ugly and it looks american not that there is anything wrong with that

as for american styling since i have already strted I personaly think the corvette is amazingand so is dodge viper so they re not bad designers and is it just me or does the styling on the F-430 look somewhat better than the enzo

Is this replica MR

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