Chinese automaker Huatai takes a page - or two - out of Bentley with the B11 and B21 sedans

We’re beginning to wonder if the Chinese automakers are enjoying being labeled as the world’s foremost copycat car makers because we can’t comprehend how they can continue to produce these kinds of ’cloned’ models with a straight face.

The one we’re putting under the spotlight this time is Huatai. This specific Chinese automaker has a few offerings in line for the Beijing Auto Show , including two sedans they’re calling the B11 and the B21. If the stylings of the two cars look eerily familiar to you, it’s because you’ve probably seen them in one or two Bentleys before.

While the car’s exterior is pretty much a Bentley off-shoot, though not a particularly good one, the B11 and the B21’s respective engines are far from being ’Bentley-esque’. The two sedans from Huatai come in a choice of either a 1.8-liter turbo or a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that are both far cries from what original Bentleys would have under their hood.

Nevertheless, the two sedans are primed to make their debuts at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show and we’re quite certain that they, along with a lot of other China-cloned vehicles, will receive their fair share of attention. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is entirely subjective.

Source: Bit Auto


I think the engine under the hood will be almost the same to the car that has been cloned.

1.8 only? Isn’t that under power for such a big and heavy chassis?

While little Zotye struggles to stay ahead of the game, little Huatai is going hog wild with new metal. Where did the new infusion of capital into this private upstart come from?

Oh yeah it’s grilles looks like the bentley. well for sure it has a cheaper price.

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