Chinese police seize one-off Koenigsegg Agera R BLT

Koenigsegg Agera R BLT

Last month, Koenigsegg unveiled the very cool Agera R BLT - a one-off supercar specially customized for a very rich Chinese customer using the company’s latest customer customization program. Unfortunately, the owner never had a chance to enjoy his one-off supercar because the Chinese officials have already seized the car.

Chinese officials stated that the car had been smuggled, since the driver never paid the import tax upon receipt of the vehicle. One look at the import tax and just about everyone will be able to see why the owner wanted to skip out on it. The Agera R BLT sold for $2.35 million, but after applying the import taxes, the price skyrocketed to $4.7 million - twice the value of the car. Yeah, anyone’s checkbook would raise an eyebrow on that one.

What makes the situation worse is that, according to the Chinese police, this seize is just part of a bigger anti-smuggling campaign that has netted vehicles from Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Porsche, Audi, and Range Rover. We all have to pay our taxes, people!

Source: CarNewsChina


all other IRS services from other countries should take example of what the chinese have done and do the same.

the owner "won" the 2.35 million $ in the taxes, lost the ones he payed for the car. i still wouldn’t be happy, and don’t think he is.

this should be an example to others. not paying taxes does not pay off!

this is what happens when you do not obey the law.

what bothers my mind is why didn’t the owner pay the taxes, especially that other cars have also been seized.

koenigsegg - win. chinese police - win. ex-owner - big lose! but that’s how life goes on.

if the guy had 2.35 million for the car, he should have thought of the taxes too. now he doesn’t have a car, nor the money.

nice car. too bad the cops confiscated it!

the IRS in China is busy. too bad for the owner. at least i hope the chinese police will auction the car or something, not destroy it!

interesting chinese taxes. having them at 100% ot the cost of the item is a bit too much, if you ask me!

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