Chinese Traffic Jam Just Keeps Growing

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So, you’re stuck in morning traffic, about to be late for that big meeting. What in the world are you going to do? As the cars creep slowly forward you fill with rage, eventually ripping off the steering wheel and running into the office. Time to calm down because that 40-minute jam is nothing compared to what’s going on in China.

Traffic around Beijing and Zhangjiakou has gotten so bad, that a jam is now stretching for 60 miles. It’s not like it has only been that way for a morning either. Cars and people have been backed up since August 14th. China doesn’t anticipate anything fixing the situation until road workers have finished their road repairs on September 13. Not to mention the broken down vehicles and new accidents that have occurred.

Despite their government leaving them, many have begun to play card games and street vendors have set up food shops at very high prices. Just imagine how things would go if that happened in New York City.

Source: MSNBC


They should really focus on the booming population, that’s bringing them the pollution.

So what happens if one of these people doesn’t have a cell phone? So a husband leaves for work one day and gets stuck in this massive traffic jam, and a week or two later their family has no clue where he is? This is sad.

I can’t agree that any more ,now I’m living in here,as a postgraduate student .when I go for shopping ,the subway train is so crowd that I hope to be the air

this is insane.. and i am complaining about the traffic in my country :S

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