Chris Brown's Car Destroyed in Paparazzi Crash

During this weekend, Chris Brown was involved in a pretty serious incident. According to the first statement he offered to the police, he was on his way to a charity event when he was cut off by two paparazzi cars. The men from the two cars jumped of the cars with cameras in their hands and approached Brown’s car in "an aggressive way."

Trying to escape from this situation, Brown backed down an alley, and because two additional paparazzi cars cut him off, he lost control of his car and crashed into a wall. According to police reports the incident occurred in the 600 Block Bedford Drive/Camden Drive alley at about 12:30 p.m.

Luckily for Brown, he was not hurt in the incident, but we cannot say the same about his car - a Porsche Turbo S - which he requested to be towed from the scene.

We don’t know what you think, but we see a big lawsuit against those paparazzi, and for sure they will need to pay more than the car’s repair.

Source: TMZ


Oooooff with their heads! Seriously now, kill them before they lay eggssmiley

I’m pretty sure that Lady Gaga is behind this happening.Yeah.And I’m definitely sure that if this happened a few years ago, would have been transformed into a song by her, ha ha ha

I am so sorry for you, Chris...But maybe you deserve this for the way you are treating women..

I can’t believe that such idiots are capable of distrying such a great Porsche Turbo =\

What can be more cool than this?You go peacefully to a charity event, and you get agressed, on your way to it, by paparazzi. I hate this specimen

it’s a shame for this guy that such nasty thing happened, but a bigger shame is for that car!It is awesome! And because of some douchebags , now’s broken...

Chris brown is a singer, right?I’m only asking myself if he called a lawyer after the incident, and if they could find this ’paparazzi’

These paparazzi should be banned, in every country.It’s not the first time I hear that they are causing an accident, in this ugly way

I feel sorry for this guy, and for any ther public figure that have been in such messy situation..The car is ajewel, and now is broken, because of this smarties

Noo!that’s just so sad!How can this animals be so dangerous??

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