Chrysler PT Cruiser Is Gone, We Remember It In Song

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The slightly awkward Chrysler PT Cruiser is now dead and we really aren’t that sad about it. It was retro and looked fairly decent, but it was the forgotten child of the Detroit automaker.

Despite decent sales, the company never gave the PT the massive overhaul it needed to compete with today’s market. That is a massive disappointment because the PT Cruiser was a huge success when it was first launched. It went on sale in the middle of our SUV craze and it sold well beyond anything Chrysler could have imagined.

"For a while, it was the best-selling Chrysler -brand vehicle," said Jim Hall, managing director of 2953 Analytics, a Birmingham consultancy.

With over 1.3 million PT Cruisers sold, the company will close the doors. While the Mini and Volkswagen Beetle live on, this retro machine is bound for the history books.

Yet, it wasn’t going to go quietly. The band Sha Na Na composed a song called, “The Cat in the PT Cruiser” to celebrate the car.

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I felt so sad on this news, although, this was outdated. I really don’t know how it will affect the rest of the production and marketing team.

think as enthusiasts we look too harshly on cars that are meant to be mainstream grocery getter. The PT was a mom-bomb with a little flair and nothing more.

I also remember it but not in songs. The design is mesmerizing, quite big for a mid-sized car. The fenders and benders, the unique grilles and the great feeling driving it countryside.

I remember this car from my uncle, the benders and fenders marks on my mind. Up until now.

well said dude... well said..

yeah pt cruiser is like a tune, we may forgot the lyrics but not the tune.

the PT cruiser did sell well, but this car needs to end. ironic does it?

Thank you Chrystler!!! Now if we can get Chevy to retire the HHR.

with the closure of PT productions, a new age of cars will be born. but dang.. I love the looks and design of the PT Cruiser.

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