Citroen considers 97.4mpg hybrid C-Cactus

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A concept car capable of nearly 100 miles per gallon is closer to becoming a real world vehicle, says Citroen. The French automaker said that it is considering a range of power plants for the C-Cactus including a 1.0-liter petrol engine with sub 100gr/km CO2 emissions; a HYmotion2 diesel-electric hybrid consuming 97.4mpg and insanely low emissions of 78g/km CO2, 100% electric model with a top speed and range of 70mph and 100 miles respectively.

Citroen considers 97.4mpg hybrid C-Cactus

Citroen’s stripped out as much junk as possible, using just 200 parts inside — around half the number of a typical family car. There’s no dashboard, fixed windows (the aircon is supposedly that advanced, though there is a simple slider for toll motorways and the like) and many of the components are made from recycled materials.

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