Citroen launches Cachet special edition range

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Citroen, the biggest French manufacturer unveiled again a new special edition range, the Cachet. The C2, C3 and C4 will be the vehicles on which the new edition will be available.

You may say: so what? Does this contain any improvements? Well, the answer is YES! The supermini C2 comes with alloy wheels, front fog lamps, air conditioning, mp3 compatible CD player and is available in 4 stylish colours: black, arctic steel, poseidon blue and sport red. Another option is that you can choose between two petrol engines.

The C3 has three power plants available: two petrol engines and a 1.4HDi 70hp diesel. Colours in which the car is available are: arctic steel, tuscan blue, passion red and iron grey.

Also the C4 receives the Cachet treatment as well but with an extra option: a fixed panoramic sunroof is added to the car. Colours in which the vehicle is available are: arctic steel, wicked red, iron grey, oriental blue.

With this new edition, Citroen achieves two important things: first of all the driver’s comfort is well improved due to its additional features while in the second plan guarantees to catch the road users attention.

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