Citroen launches design competition for the CS3

Care to see your car designing ambitions come to fruition? Citroen’s giving you the opportunity to do so. Then again, all you need to do is win the company’s new DS3 Design Competition. Sounds easy, right?

The French company is opening up a contest that pits would-be designers to compete for the right to design the DS3’s roof and dashboard. OK, it’s not exactly as glamorous as designing the whole car, but its still a shot at getting your work recognized.

And if you’re thinking that the contest will be judged by also-rans and never-heards, then, well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. A slew of heavyweight designers representing GQ, Louis Vuitton, and the Cartier Foundation will be on-hand to judge your work. Should you win, your personally-designed DS3 will be proudly displayed at theParis Motor Show and also at Citroen’s very own C 42 show on the Champs Elysees.


it seems that the Citroen needs an online configurator for this one. I think its better than using a color pen and paper!hehehe. BTW, I wonder on who wins in the competition.

haha. The cars above look so odd! Color is kind of funny as well as the design! I really don’t know on how this car will perform but I believe that it needs modification on its look!

It was said that its a competition so definitely who ever will win would give a chance to displayed his work at the Paris Auto Show. Too bad I have missed this competition, I had an idea for thissmiley

I really hate this kind of thing, art car! I really don’t want to see those car drawn a kid style art! It really hates my eyes looking at them.

Well, I bet they wont join in this competition because they are doing a lot of thing specially street tuning cars.

ABT, Skunk2, etc should also join this event.

Well, I guess it has the same performance as the regular CS3, the only thing is they tweak the paints and wheels.

It seems that there is a company who wants to compete against MINI. Well, I think MINI might face problem with their production because Citroen have launches the design for competition.

Lovely color and design! But what can you say about the race performance?

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