Citroen releases 'Dating 2.0' configurator to market the DS3

Though it’s still not on the level of MINI’s quirkiness, Citroen is definitely fast approaching that atmosphere, and if it keeps up its pace, it can seriously give the former a run for its money.

And for what it’s worth, those French boys really know the fastest way to a dude’s heart…er…head.

Channeling their inner matchmaker, Citroen has released a fun little match-up game on their website, where people, both male and female, are afforded the opportunity to build their perfect date. Yes, that includes face, body, and all the way down to the legs. As soon as you’re done building the e-girl of your dreams, Citroen will then show you what the perfect car is for your perfect virtual date, which, based on the multiple times we worked on our myriad of fantasmical women, always seems to end up being the Citroen DS3 .

Maybe the company’s trying to tell us something here, like say, the DS3 is the car that can land you that dream date with the dream girl in real life.

Well played, Citroen. Well played.

Source: Citroen


Nice marketing move I might say!

This is a great marketing trick!

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