Claer T5 Bi-turbo based on the VW Caravelle

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Based on the Volkswagen Caravelle van (not currently sold in the U.S.), the Claer T5 Bi-turbo is powered by a Porsche 996 engine. This van delivers 680 hp and a top speed of 186 mph. For a VW Caravelle fan this represents a wish come true because after all, it’s still a bus! Of course, in order to obtain these numbers Claer modified the chassis and installed a new suspension system, which has lowered the car almost 75 mm in order to improve the stability.

Claer T5 Bi-turbo based on the VW Caravelle

The most important thing regarding this car are the brakes! The tuner had to prove that its customized VW is able to stop in time and due to the Claer brake system the T5 Bi-turbo can stop now from 0-60 mph in just 128 feet.

This may just be the ultimate stealth sports car. After all, what cop would believe that a van would do almost 190 mph? No words about the price yet.


Not available in US? Oh well maybe VW limits its production. We really don’t know the exact reasons. But this one is really a good van.

VW has used the Caravelle name in Europe for many, many, many years - the same model was called Vanagon in North America.

I would love for the California to make a debut here. I would snap that up in a heartbeat!

Because the Caravelle is basically a commercial van with extra windows and seats - and has a driving position like that of a commercial van, too.

A Chrysler product with a VW name or a VW product with a Chrysler name? I’ll pass on both, thank you, but I thinking the latter might do better in the market, assuming Chrysler doesn’t still own the Caravel name in the US/Canada.

2 liters 180 PS diesel common-rail, all wheel drive system and 7 speed direct shift gearbox. Excellent combination smiley

I really have to wonder though on why it has that much Horsepower under its hood. Its a van and it doesn’t need that much juice. Are there any van races out there? I know there are truck race but vans?

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