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CLEVER stands for Compact Low Emission VEhicle for URban Transport and is the result of three years of research and design. This vehicle combines the safety of a microcar, and the useful maneuverability of a motorbike, all while powered by a natural gas fueled engine.


This vehicle that looks a lot like the Brinks Dynamics Carver is powered by a 230cc BMW engine modified by the Institute Français du Pétrole to accept the natural gas. This engine produces 17 hp and a maximum torque of 15.5 Nm at 6,300 rpm giving the CARVER a top speed of 62 mph. The gas bottle fuel tanks provide a range of approximately 93 miles.


This three-wheel vehicle leans, just as a motorcycle during cornering (exactly like the Carver) using two hydraulic actuators to rotate the cabin around a maximum of 45° each way. The system is controlled by a computer which calculates the desired lean angle by taking into account speed, tilt angle of the cabin, and lateral acceleration.

If you think this vehicle is not safe you are wrong. The CLEVER passed the Euro NCAP crash test with the same marks as today’s small cars. Even in the event of a front impact at 34 mph, the CLEVER provided a safe survival space.


Length: 118.11 in
Width: 39.37 in
Height: 53.14 in
Engine: Single-cylinder 230 cc natural gas engine
Kerb weight approx. 870.82 lbs
Top speed: 62 mph
0-37 mph: < 7 seconds
Range approx. 125 miles
Built materials: Aluminum space frame with plastic body


The front view of the CLEVER car looks like a bee because of its headlights. I like the useful maneuverability of the micro car, and the engine powered by natural gas.

This one a good concept, it’s really CLEVER. smiley

I like the rear wheels. So how fast can you go and turn a ninety degrees turn? I’d say that it could still be dangerous even with all the safety technology that it has on board. Something as small as this and unnoticeable could cause a lot of accident.

what was the first? the CLEVER or the Carver?

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