CLR X 650 based on the Bmw X6

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After Hartge and Hamann , is Lumma’s turn to present its customization programme for the recently launched Bmw X6. Called the CLR X 650, the new vehicle will feature a new wide body kit, consisting in a re-designed front bumper, a front bonnet, new side sills and a re-designed rear bumper. The car will feature also 23 inch black painted wheels.

More information after the official unveiling of the vehicle!


hahahahaha! thats a good point kylle!

another example that car looks better when someone realizes that it`s not an SUV and modifies it smiley

it’s still ugly...just my 2 cents

completely pointless! now it just looks like a hunchback car. its supposed to be an suv type. whats the use of this being so low? the whole point was supposed to have this car with good ground clearance. what a waste of time!

I can’t wait to see this in real, but the rendering are killer ! This car is huge so it should be fun to see it with someone standing next to it !

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