Club Trophy USA Brochure

When RENNTECH and RML announced that the fearsome Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722GT track car would be made available in the US back in December, the two companies made reference to a one-make series for the ultra-exclusive cars modeled on the SLR.Club’s European SLR.UNLIMITED events.

This morning, RENNTECH posted a full PDF brochure on their 722GT mini-site that offers more details on these events while going into more details about the car itself, with some additional technical specs and exciting pictures from 722GT trackday events at the Nurburgring and Paul Ricard.

SLR.Club Trophy USA Brochure

SLR.Club Trophy USA events promise 5-star accommodations and a chance for owners to drive the incredible 680 hp, 2900 lb. SLR McLaren 722GT cars at speed on some of the country’s historic race tracks. Events will also include driver training from world-class drivers (and SLR.Club members) like David Coulthard and Jochen Mass, as well as "special guests" to be announced later.

The SLR.Club Trophy USA events will take place in 2009. Dates and schedules will be announced this fall.


Download it here.

Wow A Whole New SSportsCar!!

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