Cobra Venom V8

With a combination of unmistakable style, raw performance and muscle-car spirit, the Cobra Venom is a car fit to compete with the world’s top marques. A spiritual successor to the 1960’s AC/Shelby Cobra, the Cobra Venom brings the power and charisma of the gorgeous classic into the 21st century.

Cobra Venom V8

Venom is powered by a supercharged Ford V8 block that offers performance figures of 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 214 mph.

The V8 engine delivers 524 hp and a peak torque of 420 lbs-ft. The engine is mated by a 6-speed manual transmission.


Look at the cars from the side. The SLR by the way is better looking than this crap.

Oh and its a Shelby for Christ’s sake! The last thing you can expect it to be is original.

you’re wronk AK, how could that beautifull car look like a SLR?

It looks like a bloody SLR.

I like how it has that Ac Cobra look and not only that but is fast Shelby always make good car I would like to buy one great Cobra Venom.

that looks fantastic, i would enjoy driving one smiley

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