'Color and Shape' traffic lights could be a good way to help the color blind drivers

It’s such a good idea that we started thinking why no one has ever thought of it before. That or maybe someone did think about it, but didn’t go past the thinking stage to the actual doing stage. Guess that dude probably cost himself a lot of money.

In any case, Yanko Design’s new Uni-Signal is taking traffic lights and turning them into something that could be of more use, especially to those who are color-blind. So instead of seeing merely colors to determine when to stop or go in a busy intersection, why not put some shapes into it so that those suffering from color blindness won’t have a difficult time determining whether they’re free to go or whether they should stop. In their example, the Uni-Signal incorporates a triangle shape/red color for stop, a circular shape/amber color for stay, and a square shape/green color for go. It’s a great idea, although, we do have one suggestion.

Keeping in with the universal connotations of certain shapes, we suggest that they make the red/stop sign square-shaped, similar to how remote controls have a square sign to connotate stop. As for the yellow/stay sign, that ought to be the triangle - matter of fact, turn it upside down so its similar to the ’yield’ sign, which in essence is pretty much what the yellow light is for - and the green should remain circular because, well, triangle and square have already been accounted for.

Source: Yanko Design


This looks like a controversial design to me. A similar traffic light to this already exists in Quebec, but they are replacing them with round ones.

"This kind of stoplight should be applied in every streets in new jersey and new york. This can be a big help to the color blind drivers."

Apply it everywhere just to help a minority. You have got me thinking. There are many poignant misconceptions about what colour "blind" people see. First of all many more are partially colour "blind" and only confuse certain colours, seeing no colour at all is very rare and achromatopia is linked with low visual acuity (below the driving test line).
Partial colour-blindness is of either the red-green or blue yellow type. Most common is of the red-green type and to those of you that have heard that the red-green type is quite common, weakness to a colour is much more common than blindness. Most common is green-weakness (Deuteranomaly), and these people tend to have adequate colour vision to carry out normal colour-based tasks and not even know about their anomaly until they are tested. Thus they can make a clear distinction between colours like red, yellow and green so it is very simple for them discern traffic lights. Daltonism (red and green blindness) is much less common.

I agree with the idea of billy71, if they are going to make a major changes on the traffic lights just for the sake of the color blinds driver that would definitely a waste of money. Much better if they remember what’s the position of the color.

If governments want to accommodate the color blind better, they only need to switch any horizontally laid -out traffic light arrangements to a vertical position.

does it mean that there is a different traffic light for the color blinded and the
people with 20/20 vision?

This idea would definitely help the less fortunate with their senses.

Wow, that’s a great news..smiley

The ONLY thing that would trip him up? If it were a single flashing yellow or red light encased in one of those "single" lights, like what you see
in rural towns at intersections. He would just treat them as red lights just in case he was mistaken.

Its more like going back to ABCs. Its funny. From the start of applying a license, you will undergo testings and medical examinations. Color blindness is not an excuse, you can see if cars are not moving, that means ’it’s stop!’

That’s not a bad idea, it still have the same color but only differs in shape.

Can’t they really recognize the difference between stop and go? (confusing!)

Well, that’s good at least they give the blind person a consideration. Thumbs up for that.

Ya, great idea. At least in there own little way they could help.

That’s good they come up with that idea, when will they start making these?

That’s a good idea. Having a disability for color blindness wouldn’t stop a person in being a good driver. This would be a big help.

When traffic signs were designed, people forseen for being colour blinded. Colour blindness doesn’t stop anyone from being a good driver. Red-Amber-Green. Top-to-bottom or Left-to-right, it’s universal.

When traffic signs were designed, people had the foresight to account for the colour blind. Colour blindness doesn’t stop anyone from being a good driver. Red-Amber-Green. Top-to-bottom or Left-to-right, it’s universal.

Wonderful! I think that could really help those people who are blind with lights color. Also, I think those shapes can attract drivers to look at it.

This kind of stoplight should be applied in every streets in new jersey and new york. This can be a big help to the color blind drivers.

seems to me this is a waste of tax payers money!something tels me the color blind knows red is at the top and green is at the bottom. it is far more easy to remember red at top, green at bottom then triangle 4 red and square for green or about the same, in any case it is just a waste of tax payers money. Though I do like the LED’s in it, their cool but not cool enough to waste tax payers money

this kind of signal light currently use in our country, but the only difference is the brand.

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