Consumer Reports brands the Lexus GX as a "Do Not Buy"

The Lexus GX may be a nice car, but it’s certainly not winning any favors from Consumer Reports, especially after they gave Lexus ’ luxury SUV a balls-to-the-wall beatdown when they included the car to their "Do Not Buy" list.

Reserved for only the worst of the worst - at least in the eyes of Consumer Report - the "Do Not Buy" list is a place no automaker wants to be in. According to Consumer Report, the Lexus GX has some pretty serious oversteering issues that could, in certain situations, make the SUV roll over. In addition to that, CR also commented that the GX has a flawed traction control that makes it slide sideways before regaining control.

For its part, Toyota - Lexus’ parent company - has expressed concern over the comments made by Consumer Report and rightfull so, considering that the brand hasn’t exactly been a bastion of good publicity these days.


Well that’s bad news for Toyota. The car incident happened this year made them lose their profits more.

AGREE. with do you need to settle your money on a ticking time bomb suv?

I just heard this while on my way to the office this morning. While I feel bad for those who bought this vehicles expecting safe transportation. I’m secretly quite happy because I hate being behind these tall moving road blocks.

The GX460 isn’t meant to be agile, it’s a big off-roader with some nice luxury touches; somewhat of a softened-up Land Cruiser. How do you expect it to handle?

It’s not just the Suspension and steering, also the ABS, TC, and balancing of the car should be tweak.

Ohh, what the hell Toyota Did it again? Oversteering is a major problem. ABS TC might help plus making the front sway bar and suspension stiffer might help a little.

In that case, the Lexus GX has already beaten by the Lesser Costs Mitsubishi Montero Sports when it comes to handling.

Oh that was a huge drift! If there were only a SUV Drift competition then this would be the one of best the bet. Well, the only problem is see it it’s suspension, and the sway bar, plus the rear portion of the SUV weights too much.

whatever! i would still buy TOYOTA and LEXUS!!

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