Contagiri 8C Competizione Watch

Giuliano Mazzuoli has unveiled a special edition Contagiri Watch inspired by the legendary Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione model. It comes in white gold and carbon fiber and will be limited to 500 units. But, before you buy, you should know that they are exclusively reserved for the fortunate owners of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

This watch is like no other in which the number setup is quite unorthodox. It is setup up to look like a gauge in a car where the zero is at the southernmost point of the watch with the one-hand moving in an arc of 270°. When the hand gets to the 12, it repositions itself back to the zero position where you will find the historic green four-leaf clover symbol.

The Alfa Romeo Contagiri 8C Competizione watch has a 44mm stainless steel and black diamond-like-carbon (DLC), automatic mechanical movement, and a black rubber strap with matching metal buckle. It will be limited to only 500 units and each piece will come in a watch box covered in smooth calfskin leather and reptile stamped by master Florentine artisan leather workers.


Nice watch, love the design.

Yes, when the watch hits the 12, the hand will go counter-clockwise back to zero.

How does this work?, after it hits 12 will it go back counter-clockwise? Or skip and go back to 1?

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