Cop Caddy

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How it came to be is unclear, but Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is actually using a Cadillac XLR-v as a police squad car. 

Granted, Bloomfield Hills is considered a tony suburb of Detroit. But, still. Sticker on these is about $100,000. Granted, they’ve been slow sellers, but we didn’t think Cadillac had become this desperate.

Cop Caddy

The real story behind it is unknown. 

It may just be a publicity stunt, like those Dare Corvettes that a handful of police departments have used. Or maybe it was forfeited in a drug bust. Whatever the story, one thing is clear:

Whichever officer is assigned this car is going to enjoy his or her work.


Some countries can’t even afford issuing this cars for their Some countries can’t even afford issuing this cars for their police forward.police forward.

If you’re the police office and you are driving it, and someone call for a help for carnapping will you ram this over the other car? IMO of course not, ramming it is more expensive than shooting the bad guys tire.

Have you not considered tax payer’s money? It can also be one of the source of this absurd purchase. Who would need such a car for patrolling the streets? Are they picking up criminals or are they picking up ladies?

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