Correction: Audi Does NOT Own Ducati, Lamborghini Does

Audi officially buys Ducati

Okay, for ease of understanding we always just place Lamborghini under Volkswagen AG’s umbrella, but in reality, VW owns 99 percent of Audi AG who in turn owns Lamborghini ... got it? In a third party, back-door kinda way, yes, VW does own Lamborghini... sort of. So earlier in the year, we mentioned that Audi had secured the Italian motorcycle builder, Ducati, for about $1 billion.

According to Audi’s financial report, it is not the owner of Ducati . How in the world does that kind of error slip through the cracks, right? Well, apparently, Audi follows the same school of thought as its parent company, Volkswagen AG, and tries to push the bounds of legality to get things done, a la Porsche getting a share of VW to exempt VW from paying taxes on the buyout .

Instead of Audi buying Ducati, Lamborghini actually bought it. This does two things for VW, Audi, and Lamborghini. First, it allows it to retain its Italian roots and secondly, it helps push Lamborghini’s overall fuel economy and emissions closer to the European standards that have plagued it in recent years.

So VW has found a way to slither its way through the EU rulebook and find a way around a very important law. Touché, VW, we bow to your supreme rule-bending abilities and the way you do it without us even noticing sometimes.


It only means that its future is safe with Audi, Lamborghini and Volkswagen as its senior company.

Lamborghini owns Ducati and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s better if Ducati speaks about this.

Are they giving the Ducati an attention? What is the purpose of this issue, by the way?

Well, at first I thought that Audi really owned Ducati. So it’s good that they have cleared it, but why this issue was released?

Ha ha. I don’t get it. They have to explain it further. It gives me a confusion too.

From the start, I’m aware that the Audi owns the Ducati. They really made us into a total confusion regarding the Ducati ownership.

I guess it was still on the Volkswagen umbrella so the Ducati is looking up on Audi.

Where did this news come ? Ducati is owned by Lamborghini right? And Lamborghini is owned by Audi, which happens under the Volkswagen. So therefore, Ducati is owned also by Volkswagen.

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