Corvette C6R GT2 spy shot

Chevrolet has dominated the GT1 class for the past ten years with the C5 and now C6R , and thanks to the new regulations put in place by the FIA for GT racers around the world, the bow-tie team has decided to restructure their racing program in order to compete on the racetrack with the same cars that the Corvette competes with in dealerships.

Like the C6RS , the future Corvette C6.R GT2 is being developed by Pratt & Miller and will compete in the second half of the American Le Mans Series against models like the Dodge Viper , Ford GT , Ferrari F-430 and Porsche GT3 racecars.

The GT2 C6.R will loose the widebody skin in favor of a sleeker Corvette ZR1 inspired shape with widened fender flares. The racecar will also feature a smaller rear spoiler and unique side exit exhaust system.

Under the hood will be a 5.5 Liter racing version of the LS3 small block engine tuned to around 500 HP.

Source: Jalopnik

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