Corvette Z03 Concept by Ugur Sahin Design

The "Corvette Z03 Concept" by Ugur Sahin Design is a carbon fiber supercar using the Corvette Z06 as a foundation. Beyond the striking carbon fibre body, modifications are made to the engine suspension and interior.

Corvette Z03 Concept by Ugur Sahin Design

Ugur Sahin Design hopes to put the car into production by late 2008. They hope to deliver 100 units. The production version will be offered with three engine packages which range from 500 to 750 bhp. The later of these will utilize a Tial/Garret turbocharger with liquid cooled ceramic bearings. Each customer will be able to choose personalized touches that include custom mixed paint, upgraded interior treatments including gauges, dashboard, custom created Recaro seats and more.


this look real nice this should be the next corvette

does it run through GM ? its looks like ferrari so its COPYING !

wonderful design, looks from the back like an older corvette, very cool!!!

wow nice car

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