Corvette ZR1 breaks the 200MPH !

With is brand new and shiny 630hp the Corvette ZR1 was the most powerful Corvette ever, now we know it is also the fastest with this video showing the Chevrolet flagship over 200Mph, to be exact 205 miles-per-hour (mph) or 330 kilometers-per-hour (km/h)!


I think this news was posted before on this site but the 205 miles is impressive nonetheless.
I wouldn’t expect the 16/26mpg of the Z06 though.

But 90to120grand is reasonable?

Good one about the USA bit though.

Sounds great and it feels good to have a reasonably priced car that can go over 205MPH and it is made in the USA for once !

I would be curious to know what is the average MPG during run like these smiley

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